How It's Done

At Pfahl's, a project begins when a customer says they want
a restored truck. They may own one already. They may have one in mind and want us to work with them to find it. They may only have part of a truck.

Once the truck is acquired for a particular project, we create
a restoration plan. This plan combines customer suggestions with our expertise and takes into account whether the customer wants the truck restored to its original condition (which may mean slow road speeds) or updated for driving today. We make suggestions regarding combinations of engines, transmissions and rear axles to meet the customer's desired road speed for the truck.

The restoration plan also includes a color scheme and an
interior design for the truck. You may want your truck to look original or you may want it done in a particular theme (e.g.
a specific trucking company). It's your truck and we want you to be happy. Heck, we want you to love it.

When the decisions have been made and the plan is in place, we tear down the truck and get to work. Customers are billed on a weekly basis so there are no big surprises at the end of the job.

Click on each picture below to see us at work!
The Pfahl Guys Engine Spray Booth
1926 Dodge Axel Welding Custom Fenders
Sandblasting getting things done Body Work
tools Sheet Metal Work Paitning Engine
Croton Falls Engine Painting ready for paint JJ the Wonder Dog