1964 Mack B-53S

For this1964 Mack B-53S we did a total restoration. The double frame rail was split apart for sand blasting, shortened 10 feet and was roll off container truck. Engine, transmi-ssion, and rear end were completely rebuilt. Dempster Dumpster Sales of Knoxville reburbished dumpster body. All paint
and body work completed by us.

Owned by Republic Services,
Also known as: Allied Waste/ BFI

Republic Services is United States second largest garbage company. Just finished and will debut at the ATCA's Connecticut Yankee Chapter's show in Bethlehem, CT on June 13th. Come take a look, you won't see too many other garbage trucks restored.


1964 Mack B-53S front view

1964 Mack B-53S side view